What is Industrial Press?
Industrial Press is a growing online business directory and community, giving SMI and Industrial businesses a place to connect and grow by offering a simple and effective way for them to promote their products & services to potential customers. Our main objective is to harness the power of the internet to help drive new customers to businesses listed on Industrial Press.

What is a business listing on Industrial Press?
Industrial Press business listings are "business cards" added by company representatives who provide information about who the company is and what product or service they provide.

Can I add my company to Industrial Press?
Yes! We'd love you to be a part our growing business directory & community! Adding your company to Industrial Press is easy...
Register with us at http://www.industrialpress.com.my/register/

Why should I register my company on Industrial Press?
Because adding a listing is a great way to increase traffic to your business. Once registered you can update your company profile, connect with other companies and take advantage of additional tools available to improve the performance of your Listing on Industrial Press.